“Using WebPagetest” Early Release TODAY

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Just in time for Velocity Santa Clara! I’m really excited to share that the book Using WebPagetest, which I’ve coauthored with Andy Davies and Marcel Duran, is now available for early release online at O’Reilly. Here’s a snippet from the preface that helps to set the stage for the rest of the book:

We all know bad web performance when we see it. When something takes too long to load or become interactive we start to get bored, impatient, or even angry. The speed of a web page has the ability to evoke negative feelings and actions from us. When we lose interest, wait too long, or get mad, we may not behave as expected: to consume more content, see more advertisements, or purchase more products.

The web as a whole is getting measurably slower. Rich media like photos and videos are cheaper to download thanks to faster Internet connections, but they are more prevalent than ever. Expectations of performance are high and the bar is being raised ever higher.

By reading this book, chances are you’re not only a user but most importantly someone who can do something about this problem. There are many tools at your disposal that specialize in web performance optimizations. However, none are more venerable than WebPagetest.org. WebPagetest is a free, open source web application that audits the speed of web pages. In this book, we will walk you through using this tool to test the performance of web pages so that you can diagnose the signs of slowness and get your users back on track.

I really hope that this book will help the web performance community come to a greater understanding of how to use WebPagetest and more effectively lift the quality of performance on the web.

If you’d like to access the early release or preorder the physical book, check out http://shop.oreilly.com/product/0636920033592.do.

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