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Agile Auburn Weasels and the Power of Web Fonts

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Quick brown fox jumping over a lazy dog.

It was the Spring of 2010. I was poised to graduate from college, but one thing stood in my way: Creative Writing 250. You see, even though I was on track to get a Bachelor of Science, I still had to complete several “general education” courses to round me out as an academic.

Your jokes and quips are words unzipped.
The knives you use to axe my heart in two.
The lavender-scented love from mom to you.
You guessed, it’s the alphabet you lipped.

I was proud of that poem, because I used a clever little trick; more than just a play on words, a play on letters. What does my poem have to do with fonts?

Dwarf mobs quiz lynx.jpg, kvetch!

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